The Blues -1930s and Onwards

guitarMusic became easily accessible in homes through the radio and record player. These technological advancements encouraged the incorporation of technology (i.e. electric guitars and synthesizers) in music. With the influx of recording, there emerged two types of blues: “city blues” and “urban blues.”  Founded in the country blues tradition of the Mississippi Delta blues and its improvised lyrics, non-standard forms, single guitar accompaniment, irregular beat/pulse and firm oral traditions, the city blues standardized its forms and used at least two accompaniment instruments (i.e. piano, electric guitar and/or harmonica). Further evolution of the blues resulted in the “urban blues” which consisted of stylized vocals, more sophistication of form and arrangement, regular beat/pulse with defined rhythms and less vocal moaning.
Various musicians were influenced by the evolution of the blues tradition. From the urban blues, various genres of music have developed including Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll.
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