About Carol J

Who Am I?

Carol J - worth waiting for graphicAn active and diverse educator, musician and researcher, Carol J teaches throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America to help educate students and teachers in the areas of music, music pedagogy and technology. She has earned a Ph.D. in Educational Technology (dissertation topic focused on Online Learning in higher education), a Master of Music in Pedagogy and a Bachelor of Education in Music.

Performance and/or recording credits include various music albums released in both North America and Latin America, and two independent solo albums.


The Teaching Experience

teachingTraveling North, South, East and West.

Learning never stops. Only the scenery changes.

As teachers, we can never stop learning, and as players there is always more to learn. As we teach, we learn from our students and those around us each day. Together, we can learn from one another as we encourage each other on to be all that we were created to be.


The Musical Journey

arghallMusic is the strongest form of communication for a musician… thoughts and ideas brought to life by sound waves. Science says matter can store sound… what sounds are you leaving behind?

Leaving behind a legacy of learning in the pathway of life is the most hopeful result of years teaching, playing and living life to the fullest.


Looking Back

feet-guatePast teaching: Carol’s prior teaching experience includes various academic, performance, and technology disciplines with over 18 years of combined teaching at the university, public and private grade school levels.

Performance/Recording Credits: with Myren Floren, Clarence “Big” Miller, Sherman Andrus, Roland Majeau, Wes Yaciuk, Mark Young, various Latin American projects, and two independent, solo releases.

Education Background: Ph.D. Educational Technology/Learning Sciences, Master of Music in Saxophone Pedagogy, Bachelor of Education in Music and Mathematics, and Diploma in Jazz Performance.