Lesson Ideas

The end tags on the history pages include possible student activities that are associated with the learning material. Feel free to use these ideas or submit your own ideas.
Blues Glossary
Each of the history web pages includes bolded key words.  Students can use these words to create their own blues glossary.
Blues Scavenger Hunt
Research 5 blues musicians; find 3 instruments that are used in Blues today that come from African tradition; find 3 vocal styles that came out of the African tradition;
Interdisciplinary Studies
Bring together the cultural background surrounding the Delta blues in social studies, English and Music by recreating the old Mississippi Delta. Students can write lyrics to a blues song, act out the daily life od that time period, research the topic of the underground railway or build their own board game complete with background music.
Other Examples
Who said learning about music isn’t fun?  Here are some crosswords, word searches, puzzles and mazes all about the blues.  If your students get stumped, be sure to go back to the website for finding the information.
(All pages are viewable by pdf for you to print off.)

Blues Artists – word search
Blues Maze
The Early Blues – word puzzle
Delta Blues – word search
Influence of Blues – word search
Sounds of Robert Johnson – word puzzle